Toni Schwartz
Studio of Dance

Be a part of something Big!

TSSD is the 2018 WINNER OF

Studio Excellence Award:

"Association of Dance Conventions and Competitions" 

Toni Schwartz, President and Director since 1989

Over 40 Years Teaching Experience

Professional Dancer

Competition Judge

Educated:  STEPS on Broadway, NYC; Broadway Dance Ctr, NYC; 

Princeton Ballet; School of the Pennsylvania Ballet, Philadelphia

Why Study Dance?

*Increases Confidence

*Flexibility, Strength & Endurance

*Satisfaction of Achievement

*Improved postures and a leaner look

*Joy of Music

Why Choose Toni's?

*Developmentally Appropriate Programs

*Certified-Qualified-Degreed Staff

*Our dancers perform in Commercials, Movies, Model, Sesame Place...


Music Licensing*Modeling/Video Choreographer for Costume Gallery Photo Shoots*Competition Judge*Guest Speaker:  Community Academy Charter and Truman High School*

​Steps on Broadway*Broadway Dance Center*Princeton

​Ballet School*Pennsylvania Ballet*

​Attended Numerous Master Classes, Taught at 

​Convention Level*Guest Instructor